Wiratama Sistem Integrasi

Specialize in data Acquisition, analysis systems, and solution tailored exactly to your needs.

Who Are We

PT. Wiratama Sistem Integrasi is a company specifically dedicated to implementing automation and control systems in industry and processes. Over time, we have focused and developed the implementation of this technology, including the integration between the plant floor and the business application. Our company was founded in mid 2006 and has experience in manufacturing and industrial processes. Implementation of Automation system in each treatment process segment as a strategy to operating cost savings, reduce downtime, preventive maintenance, continuous process optimization, ease of operation and provide integrated information system.

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  • Automation Water Treatment Plant
  • Automatic Backwash dan Filter Performance Monitoring
  • Automatic Coagulant Dosing dengan Zeta Potential
  • Automatic Drain dengan Sludge Finder
  • Energy Monitoring System
  • Online Water Network Monitoring
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    Authorized Distributor


    We have specific competences for implementing SCADA systems in clean water treatment and distribution networks, experienced in more than 30 projects who have trusted us.


    Contact us for a consultation on your next project to see how your organization can benefit from professional system integration.

    • Email : sales@wsi.co.id
    • Facebook : Wiratama Integrasi
    • Phone : (022) 6645003 / (022) 6645002
    • Address : BITC Technopark 2nd floor, Jl. HMS Mintaredja No. 78 Cimahi, Bandung - Indonesia